The world of Art, that of an art gallery, do not escape the legal obligations in the protection of your personal data.

The online gallery Les Koronin, with its Swiss team (Natascha, Konstanz and I) we willingly adopt the General Regulations on the Protection of the European Union Data dated May 25, 2018.

This European regulation relates to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data. The central point is therefore the individuals and not just the protection of personal data. It’s about protecting people against the misuse of their personal data against Big Data. This point is added to our page “Legal information”

The Online Gallery Les Koronin and your personal data:

The online gallery attaches great importance to respect for your privacy, which is why the protection of your personal data is paramount to us. We set up a limited storage of your personal data on files outside the gallery, stored on external hard drives, never in the cloud, because we believe that the Cloud is still too permeable to Dark Net. 

  • The Internet Art gallery Les Koronin does not use any cookie for voluntary tractability purposes of your web activity (a cookie is a text file deposited on your computer when visiting a site),
  • The Internet Art gallery always answers you by private mails (my address email or that of Philippe),
  • The Internet Art gallery does not store your bank details, the payment system at your disposal is PayPal,
  • The Internet Art gallery respects the right to erasure, even if this right is not an absolute right, as we may be forced to keep your data for legal or legitimate reasons.


Philippe Morin / Artemis Irenäus von Baste
Les Koronin, online gallery in Contemporary Art, France and Switzerland