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“I have been painting since adolescence. After taking art classes in Toulouse and Paris, and practicing figurative drawing with charcoal and watercolor, I started in the abstract that gives me more freedom in my creation.

I let myself be guided by my feelings and emotions that inspire me for the realization of my paintings.

My paintings oscillate between graphic forms, structured and more fluid forms, “light” (curves, volutes).

My achievements are not locked in a fixed style but evolve according to the meetings, changes, dynamics and surprises of life. They are also derived from my personality, both decided, energetic but also imaginative, dreamy, creative. Above all, I seek to recreate strength, energy, fluidity, freedom and harmony.
I think that a painting does not have to be locked up in words, but must especially speak to the one who looks at it, resonate, vibrate in him to arouse emotions that are often inexplicable and beyond us.

Painting for me has become a necessity, a second wind, an energy that I can not do without and I am constantly looking for novelty, surpassing, the pleasure of discovering new creative horizons.

I work mainly in acrylic or mixed media (oil on canvas, resin, paint for stained glass in particular).

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You can discover the diversity of my paintings on my website:

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Grand patchwork 1
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Au delà
Horizon marin

Travaux de Hélène Dekoninck

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Horizon 2
Horizon marin 1
Horizon marin 2

Travaux de Hélène Dekoninck

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Vue du ciel 1
Vue du ciel 2
Vue du ciel 3
Vue du ciel 4
Vue du ciel 5
Vue du ciel 6

Vues du ciel par Hélène Dekoninck

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