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Let me borrow the blacksmith arms Michael Sabatier, the connection that held his apprenticeship master. Because the thread of my colors and the thread of his katana forged Tamahagane are not so different.
Also, I do not know how to perceive neither a better start nor a better end. ” At each step we can take pleasure in seeing your work . It can’t have work into the shadow. That every step of your work is touched by the light to be strictly subject to the judgment of your conscience. On this condition your learning will not have other limits than the number of years of your life “.
Dzyan , humor and paradox , marine painter and transparencies researcher.
Self-taught enthusiast, little inclined to conformism conditioning , I make from my mistakes my Ariane’s unbreakable thread which is tinted turquoise and veined with sepia. Fascinated by the old masters and their endless quest, I am attracted by the cool colors trapped in the enamel of their paintings , centuries after their departure.In our consumerist societies man-eating , where speed and profit govern the people , I decided to go slow. I cook for hours at a mild temperature , walnut oil lapsed although it has wonderful qualities , mixed with the essence of aspic , Venice balsam or copal varnish … as
After having not invented anything, I happened to coat a fabric, to ask from Cenino Cennini , its recipe amorphous plaster sovereign and skin glue, coming from the past in the book by Mr Xavier DE Langlais . One month of preparation before putting a hazelnut color … A life is … too little to try anything. So I let intuition guide my steps in the labyrinths of questions and their maze of uncertainty. I would chat with the great Leonardo that I imagine with his orange coat and purple shoes. In his beard, he would tell me his eyes narrowing, that sometimes a light beam cross a painting canvas between two dark storms, but in seeking to detain him, he ran away and never returns.

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