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Artémis Irenäus (Swiss team from the online gallery) designed a small article on organic pigments.

Do you know organic pigments?

“The organic pigments directly produced today play the most important role in painting and the general technology of paints including the production of printing inks, and this because they are primarily products of chemical research whose production is quite complex. This is why even if there is a very large number of pigments suitable for painting & making group colors, only a few are used in Art painting, some of which have resistance & durability. exceptional.

For technical reasons, organic pigments are never used as such, that is to say directly applied to the support to be painted, but always used with fillers. Their enormous capacity for coloring obliges the painter to take this measurement, if only for a better dosage in order to constitute the color which will be used to paint. Let’s be certain, only fillers can be used to create bodies that are needed in paints and paintings.

If a painter wants to process a pure organic pigment or only slightly mixed and colored a color, he will regularly find that the same difficulties and problems arise during the treatment as when he works with a pure Prussian blue.

These pigments have such a high coloring and covering power (but at the same time a low “physicality”) that they must be mixed with appropriate fillers in order to be able to produce a dye of high coloring and full-bodied quality. ”

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