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An alternative social network to Facebook?

The German operators of StudiVZ are launching a new platform called VZ and we will subscribe to it. The new social network exclusively in German will be financed exclusively by advertising in the form of banners or videos.

It’s worth a try and the operators of StudiVZ .de want to launch the social network. It is now available under the name “VZ” on the new VZ.net website, it will replace the old StudiVZ and its sister site MeinVZ. The closure of these two sites is scheduled for the end of June.

Until then, former users who register on VZ.net can still import their data.

StudiVZ is known to be quite creative, especially in the creation of words “Gruscheln” (which the French can translate by “to make hugs”, but which must be understood like “to entrust its states of souls”), which fulfills the same function as “appreciate”. In addition, the group pages must be easy to use and particularly clear: unwanted or required functions can be deactivated using the modular principle.

According to German operators, user privacy is also important: all data must be stored on servers in Germany, all data protection requirements met and no data sold.


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