Continuing our debate on the essential role of the Art Gallery in the exchange and the sensitive sharing between the artist and the gallery.

Would we witness the displacement of the values on which an exchange was based, and again a sharing of sensitive affinities where beauty, spirit, transcendence have their share in artistic creativity?
The classical art gallery, the online art gallery would they be destabilized in their original foundations by the profusion of salons and fairs of Art which are multiplied in villages and villages?

Non and no. Because most of these fairs and exhibitions host among other art galleries, including ephemera.

The strength of a gallery like ours is precisely not to be ephemeral, to be localizable day and night in the Web, to constitute not a fair or a lounge but a showcase constantly lit. It creates a traceability that avoids the artist to “be born and disappear, time of an exhibition” because, unlike many of our “competitors”, the gallery Les Koronin does not erase the pages of the exhibiting artists whose contribution  would not be up to date anymore. Each page is kept preciously, archived, ready to be released, reactivated.

At the Art Gallery Les Koronin, the address does not change according to any need, the urgency to show quickly and often does not exist.  The notion of “self-service” is banned. The online art gallery uses tools of another kind, those of the taste of discovery and the pleasure of the eye, that of contemplation and the pleasure of “sharing”, because the concept of profitability is foreign to it , having regard to the fact that the Art Gallery receives no remuneration on the sale of works of art.

Thus, the online art gallery, free from the constraints of management and therefore the profitability of a local receiving public remains the step always visible and indispensable for the knowledge and dissemination of art and artists. This active link with creation can undergo adaptations attributable to changes in society, it maintains and defends its vocation of “sharing” and “smuggler” with the public, initiated or not.

If the evolution of the art market and societal relays less and less responds to this essential role, many art galleries persist and are authoritative, especially in Switzerland to pursue a collaborative work with the artist, of trust between this one, the gallerist and the art lover. It is up to the gallerist and the salon to do the right thing to arouse good curiosity by confronting the most diverse works, reflections of their time.

To be continued…

Mit freundlichen Grüßen (Bis bald Tschüss….) / Best regards.

Philippe and Konstanz

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