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From August 10th to 17th, the Swiss team of your online gallery joined the French team for a stay on the Opal Coast, in North West France, on the North Sea.
The stay, of eight days, was supposed  to take them from the small village of Port Le Grand, on the Picardy Canal, to the Baie de Somme, then to the sea cliffs of Ault Onival.

The purpose of this trip to Ault Onival was to collect pieces of cliff chalk.

Indeed, the chalk of cliff, permeable rock, with generally very fine grain, soft, striking, porous consists of calcium carbonates and a little clay. This rock is first of all the result of intense activity of phytoplankton and gives a slow agglomeration of calcium skeletons resulting from moults of marine microorganisms.

The usefulness of this sampling is the propensity of this rock to constitute a “charge” or even a pigment which the painter can use to homogenize his paintings – when he makes them himself based on linseed oil and other pigments -, densify his mixtures and harden his colors  paste.

Added to oil of cooked linen, in controlled quantity, this rock of chalk of cliffs forms a whitish or even beige paste, sufficiently resistant to the rays of light, with the texture sufficiently “elastic” to resist the movements of the canvas properly stretched on a wooden frame. While it does not compete with a white lithopone (whose chemical base is zinc), but its use does not require prior decantation. It can therefore be used immediately, after having turned into fine powder by crushing.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen (Bis bald Tschüss….) / Best regards.
Artemis Irenäus and Konstanz 

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