Over the last three weeks, our graphic artist and manager of the Facebook page of the online gallery (Swiss team), has for health reasons been unable to maintain the high level of publications that is usually his.

Of course, Natascha and Konstanz have listened to our artists and the service to potential collectors and art buyers, responded to private emails, pursued fruitful relations with Swiss museums, verified the integrity of the site, put in place place planned modernization operations, (see our article “Online Gallery Contemporary Art: the site in Portuguese is growing“). In short (if this word is not too raw to use in an article), the Swiss team of the Online Art Gallery has done a lot of work, well conducted.

It appears that the Facebook page of the Art Gallery has received fifty-eight new requests for friendships and adhesions from international visual artists, with very different profiles, since our articles in Russian and Portuguese are now well followed.

It should be noted that all the drawings on Artémis Irenäus’s page have been sold.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen (Bis bald Tschüss….) / Best regards.

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Philippe Morin / Artemis Irenäus von Baste
Les Koronin, online gallery in Contemporary Art, France and Switzerland


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