If many physical Art galleries multiply the communication in order to try to find exhibiting artists (and forget any form of selection, offering to the public the worst and the best of the Art plastic),  if fairs, markets and art fairs always rent their exhibition booths more expensive to artists, let’s be honest, considering the current state of Europe and the rise of nationalism, buying art is no longer the current priority for most collectors.

If for a long time France has dominated the art market, and so since the seventeenth century, this excellent place gives way at the end of the twentieth century and the gradual abandonment of pictorial art in favor of conceptual art, video and photography.

“The relative decline of France in the global art market is intrinsically linked to the major economic position of the United States and the United Kingdom during the second half of the 20th century.
Driven by offensive cultural policies, which notably enabled the emergence of a small number of artists supported by the most influential actors – galleries, auction houses, collectors – these markets have gradually grown to the size we know today, “writes the French National Assembly in its report presented by Mr. Stéphane Travert (report n ° 4234).

In its place where it belongs on the market of the Franco-Swiss Art, now accessible in five main languages – plus the Google translation service – the online gallery in contemporary art The Koronin intends to make you visible, day and night, 24 hours a day, through the Web.

And to achieve this, your participation is requested and solicited. The more our artists provide us with news about their creations, their exhibitions, like Isabelle Morin and Phil Lejeune, or even Thierry Mell, the more the Koronin, online art gallery will be able to position them as accessible to the world.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen (Bis bald Tschüss….) / Best regards.

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