Of all our painters, Isabelle Morin is the artist who gives the online gallery the most news. So we have a certain pleasure in spreading them to you, especially since Isabelle Morin is one of the very few painters still really drawing in public, in front of the model she has decided to represent.

Always keen on her eye, as well as depicting country scenes as places like Disneyland Paris where people and architecture mix, Isabelle chooses the watercolor sketch. Recall that the sketch in front of moving models (the tourists present in front of Isabelle do not stop to pose) is a drawing executed quickly. It is a summary notation but sufficient in itself graphically.
To sketch as Isabelle Morin does, standing in the amusement park, is to grasp and fix the essence of the vision with strokes and colorful blotches.

The best sketch is the one that is done the fastest, taking into account the movements, the real perspective of architectures, the connection between moving bodies and these architectures (body linked to space), and that will make the complete object in all its expressiveness. It is to clear the essential line, real, of the scene.
It is advisable to have an alert, audacious hand, especially as a spot of color placed too strongly is no longer catchable! But with Isabelle Morin, painter of the online gallery Les Koronin, each color finds its rightful place, few colors, only what it takes!
“When color is at its richness, the form is at its fullness,” said Paul Cezanne.

Note: On the first two pictures published, you can see Isabelle Morin with an access control security team of the Disneyland Paris park: Ms. Naeyaert Emelyne and Mr. Bordeaux Le Moal Jordan, two agents used to come see Isabelle paint, two friends.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen (Bis bald Tschüss….) / Best regards.

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