This is a highly controversial topic that your online gallery opens in this period of social revolt where the Art Gallery is often decked out with the image of a place that would be reserved for an intellectual elite. But the Koronin Online Gallery has the habit of opening this kind of subject, especially when it comes to talking about the artist’s profession and how to expose it to the public.

Let’s start by justifying the Academy of Fine Arts which, in its letter of the winter 2017-2018, already wrote how much the Art gallery, the online gallery, constitute a social reality born of envy, desire to exhibit the work of artists that for many, is not put forward in the historic Salons.

“In the notion of art, there is the notion of sharing. The artwork needs to be shared in the same way as a book or a musical work. In a way, it is a message that the artist addresses to us from the depths of his being. In the process of sharing, the art dealer, the gallery and more recently the fairs of contemporary art have a decisive role: to reach the amateurs and the greatest number. “

That said, to make a very short summary of the history of the art gallery, it knows its rise in the 19th century, when it begins to impose itself as an alternative to the sanctions of the jury of the Salons which deprives of visibility many artists whose only way to publicize their work, while regressing the orders of a princely and religious patronage.
The succession of orders will be ensured by the big bourgeoisie, and mainly today by the companies, the private sector.

The online art gallery takes the sharing of works of art as the guiding thread of its functions and attributions. We have moved from the era of galleries whose doorstep must be pushed from the beautiful neighborhoods of big cities to attractive windows, in tune with the new technologies of communication. This brings us back to the double question: What is the gallery? What is a work of art?

To be continued…

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