Since its creation in April 2015, and two teams (French and Swiss) have formed around a sharing of tasks, your gallery never stopped  to evolve. In our previous article, the online gallery announced the fifth edition of the website in Portuguese.
If the main pages of the gallery are now available in this language – home, sell your works, conditions of sale, legal information, news etc – many of our exhibiting artists have already expressed their keen interest to see their page translated.

Of course, the edition of pages in Portuguese language is subject to the subscription to the contract that your gallery proposes to you, the subscriptions received by the gallery are reinvested in the expenses of operation, modernization, referencing with the purchase of new WordPress plugins to better know and master this world Web which opens you to be read by the whole world.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen (Bis bald Tschüss….) / Best regards.

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