Online gallery Contemporary Art : General Assessment of the Year 2018

Increase of publications

The year 2018 saw an increase in the Art Gallery’s publications, with the opening of the site in Russian language and the generalization of the Google machine translation tool, now placed in all our pages and articles. The Google Analytics tool has allowed us to see a clear increase in traffic on our web platform (+ 20%) which, remember, consists of four websites and soon a fifth.

This fifth site, already in programming, ready to be used, will be published in Portuguese language and directed by a new collaborator, Mrs. Da Silva Ferreira Elisabeth.

Sales over the year and successful contacts

This year, seven works by our artists were sold.
Marie-Isabelle and Philippe received orders for paintings, especially in Bavaria for Philippe, a trip on site is organized by the purchaser from December 29th.

Relations with Swiss and French museums

Relations between Swiss foundations and museums and Les Koronin online gallery, relations with Switzerland Tourism are excellent: eight outings from Basel, Zurich, Bern etc, were organized by Artémis Irenäus; more than fifty people came, mostly from French-speaking Switzerland.

The blog of the online gallery website continues to disseminate information provided by Switzerland Tourism in four languages. In contrast to this qualitative relationship, French museums remain deaf to requests from the Art Gallery.

New exhibiting artists

The online gallery welcomed four new visual artists, mainly French; eight other registration requests were refused. The online gallery Les Koronin continues to be a showcase of contemporary, modern art, not a catch-all or a “flea market”.
The selection of artists is always done on a specific criterion: are we sensitive or not to the proposed Art?

User comments

The comments received this year 2018 are mostly written by French-speaking users. As usual, we moderate them and we respond very willingly to the debates brought, to the proposed ideas, to the constructive criticisms. Always according to your habit, we renew any comment that does not conform to the idea of dialogue.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen (Bis bald Tschüss….!) / Best regards / Cordialement / С наилучшими пожеланиями….
Konstanz  von Hochbach

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