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Jacques Lacan wrote that the painted picture, the drawn picture do not compete with the appearance, they compete with what Plato designates us beyond appearance as the Idea.

If you could see the world as my eyes see it… I have a color palette in my brain.

My artistic approach indeed associates the outside world with the inner world. This palette created by my feelings, my feelings, the way my hands touch and read things, because I can see by my hands; I walk along the things to feel the shapes, matter. The artist, by drawing, painting, touching and sculpting, infuses the outside world with his vision of the same world. He adorns his, shown as he sees it to be able to share, exchange his emotions. In doing so, he is able to evaluate what he has drawn, painted, sculpted and evolved his creation.

In my opinion, the creative process depends on this constant relationship, this tension, between these two worlds, that of the vision that it possesses of the world. The artist who draws in a “wild”, instinctive, Dionysian way, projects his inner world. But to believe that it does not take into consideration the outside world is an illusion.

In the same way, the artist who builds apparently the outside world actually obeys an inner impulse, to a momentum: drawing, painting, sculpture pre-exist in him. To take an example, the process does not necessarily consist of saying : first this woman is pretty, so I make her portrait but on the contrary, it’s because I have in me this representation of her, because I see blue, green, red, browns and grays in her face, because I feel that this or that color is better to express his psychology than I do the portrait of this woman….

In other words, it is clear that there is no distinction between abstract art or figurative art that holds, figurative art ultimately participates in the same approach: the artist represents an element of nature but this element is just a figure of rhetoric, that is to say a metaphor for representing his inner world.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen (Bis bald Tschüss….!) / Best regards / Cordialement / С наилучшими пожеланиями….
For Philippe Morin Koronin, Konstanz  von Hochbach

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