Online gallery Contemporary Art : The Eye of the Artist, Part Two

For me, painter, graphic artist, an object is above all a superposition of colors on a background, struck by sunlight or hidden in the night, a layer of dark background color, a less dark color and a light one, struck by light, the foreground.

Between the dominant color intrinsic to the object and its tonic color (which will support the dominant, this color can be imaginary, I feel it more than I see it) dozens of colors exist. In a glass, which for you is perhaps only an object containing a liquid, I see dozens of reflections; in the trunk of a car that for you must be a clean car body, is reflected the whole environment: other cars, houses, trees, deformed silhouettes. Clouds…

In the dark purple of Philippe’s car, light is created from blue, rosés, clear skies, reds, ochres ….
The diaphanous ensemble is dotted with streaks of light depending on the position of the sun and its intensity.

In Isabelle’s white jacket hem with blues, purples, sometimes a yellow shadow.

Yes, a shadow that I will paint in yellow Cadmium. Because my mind whispers to me that it is this precise yellow that best expresses the verticality of the folds, the architecture of this fabric that moves and comes to life with Isabelle’s movements. Another painter will see other colors, another expression, according to her own eyes …

To be continued….

Mit freundlichen Grüßen (Bis bald Tschüss….!) / Best regards / Cordialement / С наилучшими пожеланиями….
For Philippe Morin Koronin, Konstanz  von Hochbach

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