It is often asked to the online gallery, Les Koronin why the 2018 season did not select photographers or performers, why Conceptual Art is still a minority in the face of figurative art.
The answer is a new debate, that Philippe and I are pleased to open with you, we, to whom our professors of the great schools of Art (National School of Fine Arts of Paris and Lyon – France) taught from classical drawing to multi-materials and artistic performance.

You know that Philippe and I have a franc spoken that is the hallmark of this online gallery, we are sensitive to works of art, not to others. We will open a debate in early October 2018 about the role of the gallerist and art galleries.

I will open this debate with what I consider an artistic, explosive truth, who will make people talk, but that I assume in my profession of artist and gallerist online: art is a profession that assumes knowledge and know-how.

This mastery, this excellence, I do not know if it exists today, as a matter of fact, among artists who practice several disciplines, as assertive as Degas, Hugo or Berlioz.

I am often amazed to see what I see in galleries lining tourist sites or in Google. It even happens to our online gallery to refuse registrations to “artists” whose visual expression of terminal to copy a photo or coloring a photocopy. This ties in with our previous debate on what is Art or not. We must take into account the question of the degradation of artistic mastery through its intergenerational transmission. Individuality, then marginalization and the myth of genius, led to the idea that anyone could do anything.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen (Bis bald Tschüss….!) / Best regards / Cordialement / С наилучшими пожеланиями….
For Philippe Morin Koronin, Konstanz  von Hochbach

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