We announced in our previous article, the online gallery Les Koronin continues its development with a new tool at your disposal: an integrated, instant translation service, which we first test in the French language site.

It’s about allowing you to read the pages of our artists and our blog articles in five different languages – Italian, Spanish, Luxembourgish, Japanese and Traditional Chinese -, other languages can be integrated in the long run. If you understand how it works, it took a while to program it, you can now find it at the top of each page of the site, except in the oldest articles of the Blog.

This tool is the fruit of learning WordPress, will, order, time: these are the elements of the art of learning and constantly developing this online gallery to make it as accessible as it is attractive to the greatest number of exhibitors, amateurs and art collectors.

If it gives full satisfaction, this instant translation service will be gradually integrated into the site in German and then English.




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