Hallooo zusammen!!!! I invite you to debate drawing technique.

The drawing involved (Part Three)

“The drawing is a breath. The artist inspires the air of the world and his drawing is the answer he gives to this incentive. ”

“I breathed the landscape to draw and I hold my breath now.”

The artistic process associates, indeed, the outside world with the inner world. The artist that I am, breathes to the outside world his vision of the same world by drawing it. In doing so, I am able to evaluate what I draw and to evolve my drawing. In my opinion, the creative process depends on this constant relationship, this tension, between these two worlds. The artist who draws wildly, instinctively, projects his inner world. But to believe that it does not take into consideration the outside world is an illusion. In the same way, the artist who builds, apparently in the external world, obeys in reality to an inner impulse, an impulse: the drawing pre-exists in him.
To take an example, my approach of self-portrait with watercolors in a single color on white paper does not necessarily mean that I say to myself first: I am pretty, so I do my portrait but on the contrary, it is because I have in me this drawing that I make this self-portrait … In other words, it is clear that there is no distinction between abstract or figurative art, figurative art finally participates in the same process: the artist represents an element of nature, but this element is only a figure of rhetoric, that is, a metaphor for representing its inner world.

If the evocation of the stars and the moon in the summer sky full of God evokes for Hugo “This golden sickle in the field of the stars”. It is evident that to write Booz endormi, the poet has studied neither the sickles nor the stars! The metaphor simply allows him to realize his personal vision of the world. I would say willingly that figurative art is a politeness, a courtesy of abstract art.

But does this mean that only the inner world exists? And in this case, is not it a perilous conception?

Philippe Morin / Artemis Irenäus von Baste
Les Koronin, online gallery in Contemporary Art, France and Switzerland



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