On Thursday, May 4th, Philippe flew to Barcelona to present an acrylic painting and a drawing to a Barcelona collector. This painting was by Philippe and the drawing by Isabelle. They were made during our stopover in Barcelona during our cruise from April 2nd to 9th, 2017 (see related articles). We dined at Plaça Reial a succulent paella of seafood and we were drawing at the same time. A passer-by approached us and watched us. We have no pictures of this moment unfortunately.

The observer took our coordinates, he intended to stay in touch with us. He called me on Friday, May 5th directly to get the hand-delivered delivery of the painting on paper and drawing. He took the cost of transport and accommodation to his charge, which is very very very rare!!!! This collector is a Maecenate, undoubtedly !!!

Well …. I did not sell my own design, okay. But I am very proud of these two sales and I am very happy for my two friends, Isabelle and Philippe. This means that drawing and painting out of our workshops attracts the public ever more and that the craze for figurative art, painting and drawing of observation remains of actuality !!!

I invite all my artists in the online gallery to continue in this way because online gallery makes here its best sales: Already eleven works sold in two years of existence, it is both little and much! It is motivating to continue !!!!

Philippe Morin / Artemis Irenäus von Baste
Les Koronin, online gallery in Contemporary Art, France and Switzerland



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