The idea of creating an online gallery of contemporary art by artists themselves is not out of their head as they decide to fill a site ready to serve. I can testify. Because I was there. I asked the company that helps us to maintain the website of the artistic training to create an additional domain name on a specific server, allowing the setting up of a skeleton of a new site.
At last christmas, Isabelle , Artémis Irenäus and I planned to create a concrete alternative allowing us to offer our works to the public alongside traditional galleries. We refused to integrate already existing online sites in which the artist is quickly melted into the plethoric mass of exhibitors. It was the time of January 11, police operations live on television, massive radiation at Pôle Emploi & amp; an economic recovery that did not change anything in our daily lives ..

We were all interested in this project to create our online gallery. Quickly, the skeleton of this gallery took shape between two cups of tea – & amp; a coffee – on the back deck of the Fascinosa , in the Bonifacio Bullet , en route to Barcelona by strong swell. “Meer bewegt!”, As Artemis would say, while Isabelle started: “Aaaah it’s finally moving! “.

Many details remained to be developed from this skeleton & amp; sketchbook pages that we fill in reflecting on pages & amp; on the menu, aware that our knowledge of website development is limited.

We went through our drafts of layouts, “I like it, that’s not”; we would start again on a design very close to the site of the artistic formation, without major change, in order to link the two sites under the same association, born in 1992, & amp; which begat the branch of the private higher education institution & amp; its courses recognized by the Ministry of National Education.

Before leaving the Fascinosa, we shared the tasks, from the editing of the site to the new facebook pages & amp; their management. We had distributed the locums & amp; delegations in case of imponderable.

The online gallery will be profitable, we hope. At the time when we started the establishment of private higher education institution, in 1992, only a few members of our family & amp; our close friends believed in us. No professional accepted to follow us. The establishment was to be twenty-two years old.

Philippe Morin / Artemis Irenäus von Baste
Les Koronin, online gallery in Contemporary Art, France and Switzerland



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