Philippe Morin was a professor of drawing and painting in initial training and worked for Canal Academy (web radio of the National Institute of France – French Academy, Academy of Fine arts …) in order to create programs about the act of representation in the pictorial and musical art. He has conducted lectures plastic analysis for Helène Renard in the Parisian townhalls of the 1 st and 15 th arrondissement.
He developped the concept and programs of the Contemporary Art Gallery.Exhibitor at the “corderie Royale: La Rochelle”, at Paris airport, but also in various galleries in Paris and Geneva, ensuring artistic followed by alumni to entrance examination of major public art schools, he now devotes himself to his painting, made of optical art in which keys generate almost abstract figurative world.
Painting primarily based models – his wife ( Isabelle Morin ), but also his former student Artemis Irenäus von Baste – Philippe Morin still teaches with this sentence: “If you want to put light in your pictures is simple, put the shadows! “.
Its streets are paintings of local reconstructions of environments, from people at one time or another, and it collects through the painted sketch. He said, “Enter quickly things passing before your eyes. Neither light nor the people waiting for you. Their movement comes from your ability to score this time not fixed from the beginning of the movement and its end “



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