I graduated Bachelor A7 (Literary Arts) and a “Professional Diploma Art Graphic” from “rue Madame” (art school in Paris) and first of all the diploma from the ” Ecole Supérieure des Arts Modernes” Paris. I started my professional activity in Paris in communication agencies (Artsco, Candice, Pierre Teissier Studio) then at Publicis in Brest. Finally for 13 years I worked as a freelancer before being hired as a technical-commercial printing in Quimper area.

This new experience made me discover the galleries of Pont-Aven, Concarneau, Quimper, Pont l’Abbé, Douarnenez, Huelgoat, especially professional painters or lovers. As a result, the meeting, the language, the vision of these artists then allow me to find my creative process, to which during my career I had been maintened away.

My painting is inspired by the Art Built or Concrete Art.

It is a simple geometric expression, graphic, which always implements surfaces organizations, volumes and structures. It is generally performed to paint flat areas in a limited range of colors applied in direct tone.

Thus, with basic resources such as lines, trapezoids, squares and triangles, the constructed paint gives a wide range to the expression of the Pictorial Art.

There is also the past-modeling that produces this aspect of matter and light that opposes to the perfect funds, gloss and matt.
Thierry Mell


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1 :70*70 et 2 : 70*70
3 : 46*62 et 4 : 46*38
5 : 46*62 et 6 : 62*46
7 : 80*80 et 8 : 30*30
9 : 62*46

acrylique et modeling-past sur toile de lin


10 30*30 et 11 46*38
12 40*20 et 13 65*26
14 20*20 et 15 46*62
16 30*30

acrylique et modeling-past sur toile de lin


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