A vision of art for an art gallery?

Unlike a business unit, The online Art gallery Les Koronin (Die Koronin), Franco-Swiss and Portuguese association , was born from a private higher education school that officiated in Paris, with students of university cycle between 1995 and 2014.

Who says “artistic education” says “vision of the Art”, that is to say, vademecum of the visual artist far from the sterile techniques of copies of existing works and copies of photographs, the spine of the online gallery Les Koronin (Die Koronen) continues the verticality previously acquired by the school of higher education, itself stemming from the long tradition of the great French and Swiss art schools, namely that Art is a learned composed of know-how acquired through exercise and invention gathered around an idea: beyond all appearance, to build a universe.

Art Gallery & artistic resource:

How many times have we heard people say regretfully: “I had an excellent general education, but I would have liked to learn how to draw.” Would it be enough to go to an established course and receive some graphic design lessons to achieve the visual knowledge necessary to master the figurative effect of movement, the expression and the will of a body? Would it be enough to throw paint on a support to reach the need to simplify (which one could call the tendency to abstraction) and this limpid depth contrary to any dialectic when the visual artist synthesizes his vision , for example, enters the field of pure spontaneity ?

Study and draw bamboo for ten years, become a bamboo yourself, then forget all about these copies when you start painting them. »

It is on this principle, this vision of Art that Artémis Irenäus Von Baste and I share, that exhibitors are selected in the online Art gallery Les Koronin (Die Koronen).

Online Art Gallery, artists and liturgy?

The online art gallery Les Koronin (Die Koronen) takes the sharing of works of art following the previous principle as the guiding thread of its functions and attributions.

In the notion of Art as Artemis Irenäus and I feel it, live it, there is the notion of sharing.

The artwork needs to be shared just like a book or a piece of music. In a way, it is a message that the artist addresses to us from the depths of his being. In the process of sharing, the art dealer, the gallery and more recently the fairs of contemporary art have a decisive role: reach amateurs, professionals, the largest number of Internet users.

In this vision, far from patronage and the so-called “State Art” , which at first seem to me to promote various experiments and other industrial objects as works of art and thus contribute to blurring the values of art use and contemplation, the online gallery Les Koronin (Die Koronen) acquires a identity fueled by the subjects of the works of the exhibited artists .

Everything is built like a cathedral : “We must reaffirm that the work is first and foremost an inheritance. In the medieval cathedral, everything is significant: the sculptor knows that the head of Christ must be inclined towards the choir and the glass painter paints a sky in order to close the space. He does not show us the outside but the heavenly liturgy … “(Pierre Carron, Speech at the Institut de France, Academy of Fine Arts).

A gallery composed like a painting?

Born in 2015 on a day of high seas in the Gulf of Bonifacio – I still remember that Artemis Irenäus commented very calmly the storm in which our ship was caught by a simple comment: “Meer bewegt. », The online gallery Les Koronin (Die Koronen) constitutes a structure registered RGPD , very scalable because multilingual (five official languages, five more by the Google Translate tool present in each French, German, Russian page), a showcase of your Art .

A showcase is, among other things, the identity of a multiple image: what the artist sees , what Artemis Irenäus and I see. How an object, that is to say a solid, concrete thing having unity and independence but being related to its environment (interaction with light and another or other solid bodies) is seen, perceived, watched . The online gallery Les Koronin (Dies Koronen) is composed as such and not according to standards.

A showcase to sell your Art?

Sell your Art , be part of artists visible 24/7 on the planet equipped with the Web, to be able to congratulate sales.

Some examples ?

In 2017, an art collector acquired six; painted works in one order.

In the course of 2018 another Catalan sponsor asked Artemis Irenäus to come to deliver a drawing in Barcelona.

End of 2018, it is first Marie Isabelle who received an order for an acrylic painting for a French sponsor.
It was then the turn of the trio Isabelle Morin, Artémis Irenäus and myself to receive an invitation to go to Bernau am Chiemsee (Upper Bavaria) for the New Year’s Eve to make two exterior paintings of the German sponsor’s house. The French team of the online art gallery found the Swiss team on the spot.
Finally, there are our travels, that it was in le French jura in 2018 and 2019 , in Florence and Barcelona previous year, etc.

The work done, we will go through Innsbruck to reach Switzerland and take away from Artémis Irenäus works for Paris.

The identity of the online art gallery:

The Online Art Gallery – web galerie – Les Koronin (Die Koronen) consists of three independent teams , Swiss with Artemis Irenäus, Natascha and Konstanz, Portuguese with Elisabeth Da Silva Ferreira & French with Philippe.

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Philippe Morin / Artemis Irenäus von Baste
Les Koronin, online gallery in Contemporary Art, France and Switzerland